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Tatoosh Group - About Us

Executive Committee Members

Dorothy Walker, Chair 253-265-6059
Bliss Moore, Vice Chair 253-752-6472
Karen Konrad, Member 253-232-9561
Torun Parker, Member 253-759-7830
Laura Hendricks, Member  
Shirley Moore, Treasurer
(non-voting member) 253-752-6472

Communications Committee

Dorothy Walker, Chair 253-265-6059
Shirley Moore 253-752-6472
Angela Silva, Newsletter Editor 253-537-9922

Transportation Committee


Membership Committee


Program and Fundraising Committee

Shirley Moore, Calendar Sales Coordinator

Political Committee

Bliss Moore, Chair 253-752-6472
Dorothy Walker    
Laura Hendricks    
Don Halabisky    

Invasive Species Removal Program (Ivy League)


Shorelines and Marine Habitat

Laura Hendricks, Chair  

Outings Program

Dorothy Walker, Chair

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